Altitude/Pressure Testing

What is Altitude Testing?

If you’re developing a product for use in high atmospheric conditions, you must contact Testing Partners. We can test the effects of reduced atmosphere, wind speeds, and exposure to UV rays. We are accurately able to simulate these effects safely on the ground before you take your product to the skies.

Why do manufacturers conduct Altitude Testing?

Altitude testing must be performed for products that are manufactured for use in avionics and other aerospace applications. Any type of pressurized vessels should be tested before they are transported. Medical manufacturers can test their medical devices transported by air. If you have products that provide critical care, mission-critical operation, or must have high reliability and could be transported, shipped, or hand-carried by its user then altitude testing, call us today so you can ship your product.

How can testing partners help?

Our testing facilities stand ready to evaluate your product for atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity resistance according to multiple internationally recognized standards. We can also provide testing for extreme atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity resistance and provide ratings for each. These types of certifications are required by sellers or retailers before a product is purchased from manufacturers and resold to consumers, regardless of a product’s intent to protect against extreme atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity.

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