Outsourcing IT/AV Safety Testing

What is Information Technology / Audio-Visual (IT/AV) Testing?

If you’re developing audio, visual, and information technology equipment for sale and distribution for the global market it is required that your product be tested before release. During the testing phase, we check the device’s product safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Once that is finished the device is accredited and ready for sale.

The new standard

It’s time to replace the old IEC 60065 and IEC 609501 with the latest IEC/EN 62368-1. This is the latest Audio/Visual format (A/V) and Internet Technology Equipment standard. The benefit of the IEC/EN 62368-1 is that it reduces hazards that were associated with the previous design models. You should know that the IEC 62368 is not the same as IEC 60065 or IEC 60950 and products that used these designs should be assumed that will not meet the IEC 62368-1 requirement. Please review all spec designs with your existing system to ensure that the IEC/EN 62368-1 is right for you.

Testing Partners is here to help

Our team of experts is here to check your system for compliance. During our rigorous process, we identify hazards or flaws in the system that might present a risk. Our testing process meets or exceeds compliance with national and international health and safety standards. That way your patterners and retailers that your product is safe and ready to use. Call the Audio, visual, and information technology specialists today, and let us examine your system today!

Testing Partners offers a diverse range of testing

  • Audio/visual inspection and validation services
  • Product safety certification and environmental sustainability verification
  • FCC wireless A/V certification
  • EMC testing

Full-service IT Products

Information technology is a range of services that are used for network creation, data collection, processing, storage, and retrieval.

AV Products

Home AV products encompass all things used in the home and office, these include but are not limited to things such as radios, amplifiers, and televisions. New standards of AV products are covered under the unified standard IEC 62368 third edition. Professional AV product EMC standards can now be covered under EN55032, EN55103-1, and EN55103-2. Home AV products are covered by EN 55032 or EN 55013, and EN 55020.

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