Package Testing

Essential package testing

Your packages are often subjected to a variety of stresses and impacts. These can range from temperature, compression, and vibration. While many companies will attempt to handle your package with care, package testing helps maximize safety and protect against broken goods and items.

Why Conduct Package Testing?

No one likes getting damaged goods in the mail. Broken items result in reduced sales in decreased customer satisfaction, insurance replacements, and potentially even lawsuits. You may also be liable for the replacement which will reduce your overall inventory. Package testing is essential to minimizing those losses and ensuring that your package arrives whole at its point of delivery.

When should I test my packages?

Testing partners recommend package testing before shipping a large volume of products.
Additionally, if your product’s overall design has changed, we recommend retesting the packaging around it as subtle changes can impact the packaging’s ability to protect your product.

How can Testing Partners help?

Testing Partners are fully accredited by the International Safe Transport Association (ISTA). We can provide comprehensive laboratory simulations on conditions that cause damage to your packages.

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