Radiated Emissions Testing

What are radiated emissions?

Radiated emissions testing and monitoring is the process of measuring the electromagnetic field intensity of emissions generated by your electrical product. Emissions can impact the voltages and currents of any digital circuit. Testing Partners radiated emissions testing will determine what they are and if they conform with the emissions limits.

Essential radiated emissions testing

An important factor of radiated emissions testing is the limits and ranges among different regions can vary. The limits in North America and Europe are similar but have important differences. It is possible to meet FCC requirements but fail European limits.

Also, different sectors may have unique standards. For example, when a Device Under Test (DUT) is subject to an industrial standard, the limits are more relaxed compared to residential requirements. Military projects have testing limits that are more expansive and stricter compliance goals than either commercial or residential devices.

Maximized emissions testing

For each device that we test we will determine its maximization. This process will help us determine the highest amplitude of the product’s emissions. Once we’ve identified the highest emission frequencies, we’ll run a maximization process in a specialized 10m EMC chamber.

We test devices for the following countries:

  • Canada
  • USA
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan
  • And many more. Please speak with one of our engineers to see if we can help with your specific requirement.

Radiated Emissions Tests: Standard Lists

  • FCC standards
  • ISED Standards
  • EU Standards
  • IEC / CISPR Standards

Specialized radiated emissions testing sites

Our testing facility has two different types of testing sites. Open Area Test Site (OATS) and Semi-Anechoic Chamber (SAC). Each of these test sites will calculate your product’s emissions to ensure that they meet the applicable limits.


Our Open Area Test Site is designed to meet the specifications of ANSI C63.4 (for North America and elsewhere) and CISPR 16-1-x (for Europe and elsewhere).

OATS are set up in an open field and in the current age of wireless devices, clients and test engineers face many challenges when using OATS to perform compliance testing.


Our Semi-Anechoic Chamber is like OATS though it is contained in a shielded environment.
This facility can block background radio signals, which helps our engineers determine what is coming from your product and what is not.

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