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Navigating market access for your products around the globe can be difficult, confusing and expensive. Regulatory requirements can vary from country to country, even state to state. The world is rapidly globalizing. Technology advancements are being realized faster than ever and new markets and product needs are constantly emerging. These dynamics present a wealth of new prospects, innovative products and places for them to be sold. It also brings new challenges, and an ever-changing regulatory environment for product compliance.

Why Choose Testing Partners for

Global Market Access

In the current market environment, companies need to look at their products from a multi-faceted perspective to ensure desired success. To do this effectively, manufacturers must consider all TestgingTes (GMA) solutions provide a vast range of services to assist in all stages of the product’s developmental process.

Leverage Our Expertise for Market Success

Benefitting from Testing Partners’ deep expertise in GMA, product developers and manufacturers can gain insights and leverage compliance strategies that identify their target markets’ specific critical standards and requirements in a timely manner and utilize resources efficiently. Leveraging our global network of partner testing laboratories, Testing Partners can develop and execute customized testing plans for global compliance and prepare and submit certification-ready documentation according to the specifications of each country on behalf of our clients.

Core Services for your Compliance Needs


Pre-compliance reviews

Minimize testing failure by identifying the specific standards that will be applied during testing.


Product construction reviews

Consult with your team to help ensure all product components meet or exceed the relevant standards requirements during the certification process.


Remediation plans

Determine what needs to be done to modify a product to remove any non-conformance issues prior to testing.


Global compliance plans

Identify applicable standards and testing needed to bring a product to market across the globe


Compliance research consulting

Examine, evaluate, and investigate eligibility for or conformity with laws and regulations for global markets


Customized testing packages

Leverage our testing partner network for needed testing and certifications around the globe


Document management

Maintain all your certificates through our easy-to-use, web-based tool

Global market access doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let Testing Partners help you navigate the complexities to help get your product launched.

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