Global Market Access Consulting.

  • Compliance regulations can be different in each country.
  • Increased globalization means product availability in more countries.
  • We are your source to get your product approved anywhere in the world!

Global market access consulting from compliance experts

In virtually every industry, manufacturers have previously focused heavily on marketing their products in well-developed, commercialized countries. Today, the world is rapidly globalizing. This notion, in tandem with new, quickly emerging markets has created a wealth of new prospects and places for products—and new challenges!

In the current market environment, companies need to look at their products from a multi-faceted perspective to ensure desired success. To do this effectively, manufacturers must consider all rules and regulations from major global authorities. Testing Partners’ global market access consulting provides a vast range of services to assist in all stages of the product’s developmental process.

Better strategies through global market access consulting

With Testing Partners global market access consulting, manufacturers can gain global local insight and better develop compliance strategies with the most efficient use of resources, identify their target’s critical standards and requirements in a timely manner, conduct all necessary testing and evaluations, and prepare and submit certification-ready documentation according to the specifications of each country.

When working on a global level, communication is key. As a strategic partner in multiple global firms, Testing Partners clients benefit from constant interaction at the beginning of their GMARS consultation. Our tailored consults summarize how the product is faring during the initial assessment of the product, indications throughout the testing process, and the markets where it is available.

Global market access doesn’t have to be difficult. Let Testing Partners help you navigate the complexities to help get your product launched!

Why Choose Testing Partners


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  • Benefit from complete solutions - by utilizing our full range of testing, certification and auditing services
  • With a minimum of ten years of expertise in our field.
  • We understand testing and compliance regulation.


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  • Save time and money - by identifying Global compliance considerations at the earliest possible stages of the product development process.
  • We help you save money by on time launch. Calculate loss we can help prevent. Click for Late to Market calculator
  • On time launch pays for itself.


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  • Over 90% of products fail compliance the first time.
  • We have the knowledge of regulation complexities to launch your product to market.
  • Gain a competitive edge - by delivering products of consistent quality and safety, without compromising time to market.

Simply put...We get it

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