Regulatory News

New HKCA Specifications

New HKCA specifications have come into force for Multi-Standard Radio (MSR) Base Station, New Radio (NR) Base Station, Active Antenna System (AAS) Base Station, and other TACs (Type Acceptance...

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Morocco to launch 5G SA

Morocco certification body ANRT will soon launch 5G SA. There will be a requirement for all cellular devices (telematics, cellular phones, etc.) to have 4G capabilities at the minimum. Moving...

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Indonesia SDPPI Regulatory Update

Effective Jan 1, 2024, SDPPI is mandating full EMC emissions testing, where previously, only conducted emissions testing was required.  Note that the increase in testing could change cost and lead...

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China CCC New Certificate Style:

On Dec 26, 2023, China Quality Certification Center announced a new certificate style and e-certificate document format for mandatory product certification (CCC certification). The new certificate...

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China SRRC Issues Regulatory Notice:

On November 11, 2023, China's National Radio Office issued a notice of Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Model Approval of Wireless LAN Equipment Using IEEE 802.11be Technical Standards....

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