Mechanical Consulting & Compliance Testing

  • Our industry experts are veterans that lend extensive knowledge to the realm of mechanical testing, allowing the manufacturer to focus on other areas of product development.

Mechanical Consulting & Compliance Testing through innovative methods

At Testing Partners, we are proud of our ability to develop innovative methods to examine the mechanical properties of materials and products through our mechanical consulting & compliance testing.

Because each client has different needs for qualifications and quality assurance, we customize the process to fit their necessities by using and developing the latest technology and equipment to attain a solid understanding of how materials perform.

Testing Partners understands and anticipates the challenges clients face and guarantee quick turnaround time on lab results at industry-low prices. Our Mechanical Consulting & Compliance Testing labs deliver product testing for compliance to national and international standards such as UL, CSA, EN, IEC, ETSI, and more.

Real-world expertise for Mechanical Consulting & Compliance Testing

Many global companies and firms have turned to Testing Partners for their Mechanical Consulting & Compliance Testing needs. We provide real-world expertise and treat the client’s needs as our own, providing labs that work with the manufacturer to develop economical, accurate and efficient results.

The following is a list of mechanical consulting & compliance testing we offer:

• Abrasion & Wear Testing
• Bend Testing
• Chain Testing
• Charpy Impact Testing
• Composite testing
• Compression Testing
• Corrosion Testing
• Cyclic Rupture
• Die Steel Qualification
• Double Shear Test

• Drop Weight Testing
• Dynamic Tear Testing
• Experimental stress analysis
• Fastener Testing
• Fatigue analysis
• Fatigue Testing
• Flexural Strength and Flexural Modulus
• Flow measurement
• Fracture Toughness Testing
• Hardness and Micro Hardness Testing

• Hot Hardness Testing Service
• Hydrogen Embrittlement Test
• Impact Test Metal and Polymers
• IZOD Impact Test
• Mechanical durability
• Pin – on – Disk Wear Testing
• Pressure cycling
• Proof Load Testing
• Rotation Beam Testing
• SEFA 8 Testing

• Shear Testing
• Static Notch Testing
• Stress Rupture & Creep Testing
• Structural testing
• Tensile Testing
• Tensile Testing Lab and Services
• Torque Testing
• Weld testing

Why Choose Testing Partners


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  • Benefit from complete solutions - by utilizing our full range of testing, certification and auditing services
  • With a minimum of ten years of expertise in our field.
  • We understand testing and compliance regulation.


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  • Save time and money - by identifying Global compliance considerations at the earliest possible stages of the product development process.
  • We help you save money by on time launch. Calculate loss we can help prevent. Click for Late to Market calculator
  • On time launch pays for itself.


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  • Over 90% of products fail compliance the first time.
  • We have the knowledge of regulation complexities to launch your product to market.
  • Gain a competitive edge - by delivering products of consistent quality and safety, without compromising time to market.

Simply put...We get it

Late to Market Calculator

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Getting the product to market on time is the biggest challenge product engineers have. Delay in product launch means loss of expected margin. It can also mean competitive products entering the marketplace, general decrease in product demand, or a seasonal effect completely missing the revenue opportunity that could have existed.

A delay causes a shift in the entire revenue cycle of the product including the period that the product peaks in its revenue. This can have a severe impact on the product and your organization. Our engineers understand this. Testing Partners generates margin for an organization because it fully understands the intricacies and complexities of compliance and regulation.

We create margin for you! Calculate how much money we can potentially help you generate by preventing a delay in launch.

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