Medical Consulting & Compliance Testing

  • Because our experts have decades of experience in the medical field, they can consult on the best methods regarding medical testing.

Medical Consulting & Testing experts.

Testing Partners medical consulting scientists are experts in analyzing any aspect of a product’s needs and requirements. Medical consulting & testing services include the company’s design engineers and manufacturers and provide support for providing product-specific data, problem resolution, and consultancy, from design to testing to the manufacturing process.

Testing Partners Medical Consulting & Testing helps clients with:

• Contact Pressure Testing
• Failure Evaluation
• Fatigue Testing
• Fretting and Corrosion Analysis
• Fusion and Non-Fusion Testing
• Interlock Strength Testing
• Range of Motion & Constraint Testing
• Wear Testing

To ensure a product’s success in the medical testing process, utilizing the correct lab is vitally important. With Testing Partners, companies know their product is highly prioritized from day one, to reduce the risk of testing failures and increase efficiencies. Regardless of testing needs, Testing Partners can assist with the industry’s leading experts, time-effective methods and low prices.

Why Choose Testing Partners


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  • Benefit from complete solutions - by utilizing our full range of testing, certification and auditing services
  • With a minimum of ten years of expertise in our field.
  • We understand testing and compliance regulation.


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  • Save time and money - by identifying Global compliance considerations at the earliest possible stages of the product development process.
  • We help you save money by on time launch. Calculate loss we can help prevent. Click for Late to Market calculator
  • On time launch pays for itself.


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  • Over 90% of products fail compliance the first time.
  • We have the knowledge of regulation complexities to launch your product to market.
  • Gain a competitive edge - by delivering products of consistent quality and safety, without compromising time to market.

Simply put...We get it

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Getting the product to market on time is the biggest challenge product engineers have. Delay in product launch means loss of expected margin. It can also mean competitive products entering the marketplace, general decrease in product demand, or a seasonal effect completely missing the revenue opportunity that could have existed.

A delay causes a shift in the entire revenue cycle of the product including the period that the product peaks in its revenue. This can have a severe impact on the product and your organization. Our engineers understand this. Testing Partners generates margin for an organization because it fully understands the intricacies and complexities of compliance and regulation.

We create margin for you! Calculate how much money we can potentially help you generate by preventing a delay in launch.

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