Temp & Humidity Testing

What is climatic simulation testing?

Understanding how your product responds to extreme heat, cold, humidity, and the often-extreme fluctuations between them is essential to increase its durability. Most electric or electrical devices perform at optimal ranges – and understanding how it performs is key to creating a more durable, sellable product.

Our climatic chambers are multifaceted and can simulate a wide range of conditions. We will run tests on vibrations, temperatures, mechanical stresses, endurance, fluid circulation, pressure variation, and related stress factors.

Why do manufacturers conduct temperature and humidity testing?

These types of tests are important to discover the potential points of failure in any device. Extreme temperature and humidity can be a factor in a mechanical breakdown. Our tests will determine if your device is susceptible to oxidation or corrosion phenomena, swelling of certain materials, delamination of composite materials, or even changes in thermal and electrical insulation characteristics.

Once these tests are complete, you’ll be able to better adapt the product to perform in these conditions.

How can Testing Partners help?

Our team has the facilities and the expertise to conduct a comprehensive environmental and climatic impact study on your device. Our facilities meet or exceed internationally recognized standards. Humidity and extreme temperature-resistant ratings are essential for bringing your product to market.

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