Vibration and Shock Testing

What are vibration and shock testing?

The goal of vibration and shock testing is to determine the dependability, endurance, resistance, and accelerated aging of industrial products. Testing Partners can perform this type of testing in the fields of automotive, medical, and aerospace industries. These tests can reveal structural flaws or flaws in the design and help improve the safety of your product. We will test your product under both normal and severe conditions.

Why should I utilize this type of testing?

Because you care about the durability and success of your product. It is impossible to prepare for every type of hazard your device will face in the field but undergoing vibration and shock testing ensures that you minimize critical design flaws. This type of testing can reveal flaws during transport, commissioning, and use of your product.

These tests can also reveal the source of parasitic noises such as buzzing, squeaking, or rattling. Our testing facility can simulate the constraints associated with rapid temperature rises and falls, environmental agent resistance tests must combine vibration tests and climatic chambers. We can perform these tests on any industrial products and electronic components, as well as medical and military equipment.

How can Testing Partners help?

We can fully test and evaluate your product to protect against vibration and promote shock resistance according to multiple internationally recognized standards. Once this has been tested, you’ll be able to release the best version of your product to your manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

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