Egypt NRTA New SRD Radio Spectrum Guidelines

Feb 9, 2021 | Egypt

In case you missed it, Egypt NTRA issued new SRD Radio Spectrum Guidelines back in December 2020. The guidelines provide the regulatory provisions and technical limitations for using short-range device equipment including: frequency ranges, maximum permissible power levels, channel spacing or modulation/maximum occupied bandwidth and duty cycle. The regulation is issued in accordance with Egypt telecommunication law No. 10 of 2003.

Companies operating under the state’s jurisdiction that wish to manufacture or import wireless devices that are classified under the category of short-range devices for the purpose of selling in the Egyptian market shall submit requests to register the items of these equipment types with the NTRA after completing all the necessary applications prior to their manufacturing or importing the devices. They must also submit the technical specification certificates from the country of origin and certificates of passing technical compliance tests from accredited laboratories.

In the case that an operator of any wireless device classified under the category of short-range devices (SRD) violates the provisions of these regulations, the approval granted to him/her in Article 5.1 of these regulations is cancelled and void temporarily until the cause of the violation ceases to exist.

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