Laos Regulatory Update

Aug 3, 2023 | Laos

Laos MTC recently issued an announcement updating type approval and labeling requirements, effective August 4, 2023.

A brief summary of the changes: There have been changes to the radiofrequency law, in which suppliers have to get an importation license from the Ministry of Technology and Communications, Department of Radio Frequency; equipment impacted under the Agreement 3583/MTC; test labs must have Accreditation Certificate to ISO/IEC 17025; Type 1 equipment, certification and Acknowledgement Letter of DoC must have 3 years validity; Type 2 equipment, certification and Acknowledgement Letter of DoC must have 1 year validity (note that all products submitted before August 4 and obtain certification should remain 3 years but all certificates obtained after August 4 will be valid 1 year. All previous certs will remain until the expiration date.); 5G network equipment have to pass NESAS assessment standard of GSMA; and labeling/e-labeling requirements have changed.

The changes are quite detailed, so if you need assistance with Laos type approval certifications, please contact Testing Partners today.

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