Mexico Revises Conformity Assessment Regulations

Feb 25, 2021 | Mexico

A New Mexico conformity assessment procedure was entered into force on February 25, 2021, establishing procedures, periods and schemes to carry out the certification and evaluation of the conformity of a product, equipment, device, apparatus or infrastructure intended for telecommunications. Some of the changes, such as the inability for third party certificate holders to hold approvals, will affect both products subject to local testing as well as those handled by a “perito” but this has not been officially confirmed by IFETEL. The following is a summary of the expected changes for Radio/Telecom conformity to applicable PEC processes where there is testing to specific Mexican NOMS:

Schemes – 4 approval schemes will be available:

  1. Single Batch: a set of new products, equipment, devices or appliances of the same model and brand. This certification scheme is for products that are imported in a single batch on a single occasion; the certificate cannot be extended and the applicant must provide a list with the serial number of each product contained in the batch to send to the “Secretaria de Economía.” 2 samples are required for testing.
  2. Multiple Batch: More than one batch of products of the same brand and model. Products must be new. In this scheme, only the numbers of batches (not model numbers) can be increased in subsequent filings and the total number of products per batch will be required. This information will be sent to the “Secretaría de Economía.” 2 samples are required for testing. Surveillance must be done at the warehouse or sales outlet of the approval holder.
  3. Family: This scheme applies to products from the same brand that retain the same technical design characteristics. The standard indicates that the differences in the model numbers is limited to aesthetics and appearance but the interpretation of this by certification bodies has not been tested. In this scheme, an unlimited number of models may be certified. The requested models will be listed on the certificate, and models may be added once it has been defined that the new models are part of the family. For this, the family must first be carried out and then obtain the certificate. 4 samples will be required, that is, two pairs of different models representative of the family. Surveillance must be done at the warehouse or sales outlet of the approval holder.
  4. Device (may be a module): The certificate of this scheme will be issued to the device and the initial certificate will indicate one product in which the device is incorporated. It requires 2 samples. It is possible to extend the certificate to include additional models where the device will be installed. Surveillance will take place in the warehouses and points of sale of the approval holder. Condition for this scheme: Different trade names, same brand, different models, and all models that use the device.
  • The Certification Body will carry out the logistics of receiving and sending the sample to the laboratory.
  • The validity of the test report will be 60 business days from when it was issued.
  • The Certificate of Conformity will be canceled if within the first 5 days if the homologation request has not been delivered to IFT to complete the application for homologation. The suspension of the Certificates of Conformity will be made known to the IFT, PROFECO and the Secretaria de Economía for the OC, for the relevant purposes, within a period of more than 2 days from the declaration of the suspension.
  • The Certificate of Conformity, the test report and / or the official opinion issued by the certification body are non- transferable, so they will only be valid with respect to their holder. Affiliates (legally correlated companies) are allowed to make use of the certificate of conformity after meeting a series of requirements of annex A which is part of the new procedure. However, third party organizations may not leverage the CoC or test report.
  • Only NEW products can be certified under any of the approval schemes. Used equipment will not be eligible for homologation.
  • First Surveillance will take place in 2022. Only 5% to 15% of the current certificates will be selected for the multiple batch and family certificates. For Device certificates, 50% will be selected and for device certificates that include multiple models, 1/3 of listed products must be tested.
  • The certificates issued before the new procedure enters into force remain valid in the terms in which they were issued (subject to Surveillance).
  • The location at which surveillance will be made must be established at the time of certification as it will appear on the Certificates.

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