Rick Conner

Rick Conner

Consulting Engineer

Rick Conner graduated with a BA in Accounting from the College of St.Thomas. He also specialized in Electronics from the US Navy and the University of California. He has served for three years as a Master Engineer Technician and four years as a manager in the Environmental Test Laboratory with Teledyne Microwave Electronics. He worked for 16 years as a manager Sperry Univac Corporation and later as a Senior Project Engineer and Purchasing Manager at Photran Corporation. He has completed over 17 years as a regulatory compliance specialist at UTC Fire & Security.

His key accomplishment is the design of a vacuum pump interface system that allows for higher speed pumping. His design continues to be in widespread use. In addition, he created a design modification of a vacuum gate that resulted in a 500% increase in pump life expectancy.

Rick has extensive experience working with UL, ETL and other regulatory agencies throughout the US. He has served as liaison with Taiwanese and Chinese engineering and manufacturing groups in the development of high vacuum systems.

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