Peru Regulatory Update

Apr 5, 2022 | Peru

Peru’s certification body, The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTC), recently provided a regulatory proposal through public consultation through Ministerial Resolution No. 1328-2021-MTC/01.03, in order to ensure that cell phones imported and marketed in the national territory have the functionality of receiving the radio service in the FM band, with the purpose of expanding the dissemination of information to the entire population during disaster and emergency situations. The Project aims to establish provisions so that the reception functionality of the sound broadcasting service in the Frequency Modulated (FM) band on cell phones containing the integrated reception mechanism is enabled and remains active for users.

Section 2.2 of the draft states that for the purposes of the standard, the term cell phone is subject to the definition contained in the Glossary of Terms of the Specific Regulation on the Homologation of Telecommunications Equipment and Apparatus, approved by Supreme Decree No. 001-2006-MTC, which dictates, in summary that the MTC considers that with these provisions users will be able to access recommendations, advice and any information of interest that can be transmitted by FM sound broadcasting in emergency situations and even in cases of fall of the internet signal or mobile service networks.

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