Qatar Publishes Class License for Use of RLAN Devices

Jun 10, 2020 | Qatar

The Communications Regulatory Authority State of Qatar (CRA) released class license for the use of RLAN devices operating in 5925-7125 MHz band Wi-Fi 6 at the end of March 2021.

This document was established to stay up-to-date with evolving technology as now the Wi-Fi 6 becomes a part of daily life. According to this document, the CRA recommends allocating the entire 5925-7125 MHz band for the indoor and outdoor use by RLAN devices with the following limitations:

  • Low-power: max e.i.r.p. of 24 dBm and PSD of 5 dBm/MHz (indoor use only)
  • Very low-power: max e.i.r.p. of 14 dBm and PSD of -8 dBm/MHz (portable use both for indoor and outdoor).

The Wi-Fi 6 devices must be type-approved by the CRA in accordance with the Type Approval Policy for R&TTE to be imported and sold on the market of Qatar. As per the Class License for the use of RLAN devices over 5925-7125 MHz band Wi-Fi 6, a company should be registered in the CRA and have import authorization for R&TTE.

The document will become effective when the CRA reviews all proposals and takes the relevant amendments.

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