Serbian Ministry of Economy Amends Rulebooks

Oct 27, 2021 | Serbia

The Serbian Ministry of Economy, sector for quality and safety of products, has issued amendments to the LVD and EMC Rulebooks, effective January 1, 2022.

Below is a summary of the amendments:

Before 01/01/2022

  • CoCs issued by Kvalitet in 2021 will remain valid per previous rulebooks
  • Products with CoCs dated before 01/01/2022 should have 3A mark on products (where EMC and LVD CoC’s are required), with last two digits of the year of CoC issuance and number of Notified Body.
  • No market surveillance

After 01/01/2022

  • CoCs will not be mandatory; Kvalitet will issue Certificates (instead of CoCs) confirming the technical documentation with EMC and LVD Rulebooks.
  • During the control, Serbian market inspection will take into consideration Kvalitet’s Certificates and the control process will be simpler and faster.
  • After 01/01/2022, only the 3A mark will be required (without the last two digits of the year of CoC issuance and number of Notified Body).
  • During the control,  Serbian market surveillance will be taken into consideration.

Below are the links to the announcements (in Serbian).

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