Aug 11, 2022 | Thailand

Re: New standard TIS 62368 Part 1-2563 Audio/video, Information and Communication Technology Equipment – Part 1: Safety Requirements.

TISI recently held a meeting for discussion about implementation for the new standard, and highlights are below:

– Certificates under previous standard TIS1195-2536 will be automatically withdrawn on December 21, 2022. The certificate holder under previous standard TIS1195-2536 may submit an application to TISI under new standard TIS 62368 Part 1-2563. The certificate holder may also submit a letter to TISI requesting an extension of the validity of TIS1195-2536. TISI could approve the validity extension of a TIS1195-2536 certificate up to 1 year, but the extension period could vary, depending on TISI’s decision.
– Products that connect to 220 VAC for charging mobile phones (such as wireless chargers) will be under this mandatory standard scope.
– Appliance plug dimensions, under TIS 62368 Part 1-2563, shall be complied with TIS166-2549 (2 or 3 round pins).
– TIS 62368 Part 1-2563 will require factory inspection. The factory’s QC document evaluation option is still available for factories located in countries to which the auditor could not travel.
– TIS 62368 Part 1-2563 will require local testing in Thailand. TISI will only accept IEC62368-1:2018 test reports for high end electronics appliances.

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