USA has published FCC 19-126 for RF exposure

May 21, 2020 | USA

The FCC certificate published the rule related to the methods that may be used for determining and achieving compliance on human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields. It amends the rules related to an increasingly important part of demonstrating and maintaining RF exposure compliance.

Main points which published by FCC certificate are as follows:

  • The amended rules are intended to provide more efficient, practical, and consistent RF exposure evaluation procedures and mitigation measures to help ensure compliance with the existing RF exposure limits.
  • The amended rules replace the various inconsistent service-specific criteria for exempting parties from performing an evaluation to demonstrate compliance with the RF exposure limits with new, streamlined criteria.
  • The amended rules allow the use of any valid computational method to determine potential RF exposure levels, remove the minimum evaluation distance requirement for frequencies above 6 GHz, and establish post-evaluation RF exposure mitigation procedures.The effective date is June 1, 2020.
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