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What should you do when your Amazon ASIN is suppressed due to a safety complaint, customer complaint, or for violating the Amazon Sellers Agreement?

  • Submit all relevant safety testing data and certification for the item.
  • Include testing specifically related to the incident in question. PLEASE NOTE: An MSDS does not suffice for safety testing. You may need to reach out to the manufacturer of the product for the details you might not have.
  • If you have questions about the appropriate standards for the product, please contact Testing Partners directly.
  • Review your records: is this a known issue/complaint? If so, what actions have you taken to resolve the root cause of the issue in order to prevent future incidents?
  • Always ask for the product to be returned back to you to investigate or at least have photos provided from customer or complainant.
  • What corrective actions are you planning to implement after you became aware of this incident/concern? What is the time frame for them to be implemented to your internal process?
  • Do you have a Product Safety or Product Quality Control system in place to identify potential product safety issues?
  • To your knowledge, have any design changes been done to the product recently? If so, when was the product modified and what changes were implemented?
  • Has the product been part of a recall?
  • Provide images of the product (front, back, accessories, and packaging). Images should include: model/serial number; safety/compliance marks; logos and safety labels; warnings on the product or packaging.
  • Provide a copy of the instruction manual.

If you are unsure of where to begin to ensure you meet all Amazon seller requirements, please contact Testing Partners at (862) 243-2329 or

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