Oct 3, 2022 | China

China’s certification agency, CQC, releases GB 4943.1-2022 standard’s technical requirements and transition details

Sept 26, 2022: China Quality Center (CQC) released “Notice on the relevant requirements for the implementation of new standard GB 4943.1-2022 for compulsory product certification of electronic products and safety accessories (categories: 08/09/16).”

Transition time

  1. For new CCC applications, before the mandatory date of Aug 1, 2023, manufacturers can choose either the new or old standard for certification.
  2. For existing CCC certificates, the updates shall be made to certificates before July 31, 2024. The issuing authority will suspend the old certificates if the update is not done. By October 31, 2024, the issuing authority will revoke all the old standard certificates.
  3. For certified products that have been placed in the market and are no longer being produced before August 1, 2023, a certificate update is not required.

Gap testing will be required when using the 2nd and 3rd editions of IEC 62368 for your CCC certification.

If you are using the 2nd edition of 62368 for your certificate and report for CCC, there are numerous tests to be performed, including the below clauses:

4.1.2 Use of components
4.1.15 Markings and instructions
4.4.4 Displacement of a safeguard by an insulating liquid
5.4.12 Insulating liquid
6.4.9 Flammability of an insulating liquid
5.5.2 Capacitors and RC units
G.10.2 Conditioning G.10.6 Overload test
5.5.7 SPD
G.8 Varistors
5.7 Prospective touch voltage, touch current and protective conductor current
6 Electrically-caused fire
8.11 Mounting means for slide-rail mounted equipment
9.6 Requirements for wireless power transmitters
10.3 Safeguards against laser radiation
10.6 Safeguards against acoustic energy sources
B.2.5 Input test

When using the 3rd edition of 62368 for your CB certificate and report for CCC certification, the following will apply:

4.1.2 Use of components
4.1.15 Markings and instructions
B.2.5 Input test

Please note these are the minimum requirements. The certification body may request additional tests if needed, so check back with Testing Partners by submitting your current certificate and test reports when requesting a gap analysis to determine which additional tests will be required, or submit a data sheet for new certifications.

The official announcement link can be found here: 中国质量认证中心-标准换版通知 (

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