EMI Consulting & Compliance for in the Workplace Site Survey Testing

  • We are involved in every aspect of EMI in the workplace site testing to ensure patient comfort and safety.
  • Our EMI consulting industry experts involve manufacturers, regulators, and physicians.
  • We provide on-site environmental testing and can serve as a resource for the patient’s physician, site surveyor, or employer to determine the level of site evaluation.
EMI consulting

EMI workplace site survey testing ensures compliance with all compulsory requirements and standards

Patients with a pacemaker or defibrillator need assurance that there will not be any electrical interference with their vital implanted heart devices. Generally, these devices are meant to operate normally in most work and home environments while using most electrical tools or equipment. While adverse effects are uncommon, there are possible interferences, including:

  • Conducted electrical currents
  • Radiated electric/magnetic fields
  • Static magnetic fields

Most heart devices will operate normally if they are below the established field intensity limits. The standards for limits are established based off input from manufacturers, physicians, and regulators. Patients should always contact their physicians if they feel their devices have exceeded these limits. EMI Field Strengths above what is listed below may cause interference with an undesired device response:

EMI SourceField TypeField Strength Limit
High Voltage Power Lines (50/60 Hz)E-field6000 V/m peak
Continuous Wave or Modulated Magnetic Fields (50/60 Hz)H-field80 A/m peak
Static Magnetic FieldB-field5 Gauss peak

The H-field is useful in ensuring that a time varying magnetic field will not induce electrical voltages or currents in the lead-device-tissue loop area. Any induced electrical signals should be below the device sensing threshold, and well below the capture threshold just as for an E-field.

The B-field limit is useful in ensuring that the device magnet mode (using the GMR, or Giant Magneto Resistive sensor) will not activate. The formal standard is that a device shall not detect environmental fields less than or equal to 10Gauss. The clinical field magnets are much stronger, about 125Gauss at a one-inch distance to ensure properly activating the sensor when desired.

Some commercially available measuring instruments may switch between H units (Amperes/meter or Oersteds) and B units (Gauss and Tesla). Different equipment is needed to measure H- Or B-fields. H-fields require frequency and area to be accounted for. Therefore, different probes will be required to take measurements.

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