Malaysia Regulatory Changes

Jul 13, 2022 | Malaysia

ST/SIRIM Makes Changes to Regulatory Policies Concerning Certificate Holder Name and HS Codes

In an effort to align with original requirements, ST/SIRIM has made changes to certification policies:

  • The certification holder of CoA and PCL (Product Certification License)/PCS (Product Certification Scheme) should be a local importer in Malaysia. (Previously PCL/PCS license could be held by factory/manufacturer.)
  • SIRIM will now reject all new and renewal applications for all PCL/PCS applications if the applicant is not a real importer.
  • For all previous applicants under factory/manufacturer name, it cannot be renewed unless the application is under a real importer name after expired.
  • For all new applications, each importer needs to apply for their own new PCL/PCS license.

Also, effective June1 2022, Malaysia Customs has introduced a new HS code for the classification list of goods. All ST COA renewal applications dated before June 1 2022 will be suspended until all tariff code lists are updated by Dagangnet as per the latest list issued by Customs. Since there are both PCL and HS Code issues, the lead time for application processing might be delayed.

For more information about Malaysia regulatory requirements or how these changes impact your devices into that market, please contact Testing Partners at (862) 243-2677.

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