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In addition to the information on our previous blog about Amazon Product Compliance (if you missed it, you can find it here:, Amazon may choose to review certificates and test reports for products sold on or any other Amazon-affiliated website. As a vendor or seller, it is your job, not Amazon’s, to review and understand the requirements before making any submissions. Any products marketed or sold on or any other Amazon-affiliated website must comply with all applicable laws, mandatory standards, and Amazon policies.

Electronic Safety Certification

Do you know the requirements to show evidence of electronic safety certification? For example, certification with the name of the certifying agency and file number should be included, to start. The submitted product must be represented by a unique model number and should match the model number listed in the certification. You are not required to be UL or equivalently approved; this certification must be completed by an ILAC MRA- approved ISO 17025 certified testing laboratory, not specifically a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).

Third Party Testing

Did you know that independent 3rd party testing at specific accredited laboratories is required for all children’s safety-regulated products? For many children’s products (such as toys and apparel), you must also be able to furnish a Children’s Product Certificate for the product and meet the applicable CPSC Regulations. If you are unsure if your local lab is accredited for children’s product safety certification, contact Testing Partners.

Did you know that Amazon accepts only passing test reports for products tested from a production run? Testing completed on pre-production or prototype products will not be accepted.

But Wait…There’s More!

In addition to random compliance checks, and adherence to laws associated with banned or recalled items, Amazon reserves the right to request additional compliance documents and other information for your products. The submission of test documentation alone does not guarantee approval for your products to be listed on or any other Amazon affiliated website.

Clearly, simply deciding to sell your products on Amazon and its affiliated websites is not enough. The risks of not complying with Amazon compliance regulations could be costly in both time and money, impacting your time to market, your competitiveness in the marketplace and disappointed buyers. Let Testing Partners review your product to make sure you meet Amazon Compliance Guidelines and save yourself from the hassle of scrambling after product is in the market or having your ASIN suppressed. For any questions, or additional information, about any of the topics above, please contact us at (862) 243-2329 or email

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