Singapore Certification

Jul 29, 2021 | Singapore

Residential Gateways (“RG”) for sale and use in Singapore are subject to compliance with IMDA’s Technical Specification for Security Requirements for Residential Gateway, IMDA TS RG-SEC (“TS RG-SEC”) and equipment registration with IMDA.

The registration of RGs with IMDA will also qualify the RG for CSA’s Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (“CLS”) Level 1. All new models of RG shall comply with TS RG-SEC, effective April 12, 2021, and all existing RGs that are currently registered under the category of WLAN/SRD that can meet the TS RG-SEC must be re-registered as ‘Residential Gateway’ before October 12, 2021.

Thereafter, the sale of non-compliant and non-registered RGs for local use shall cease and can only be sold for re-export purposes. For more information on this change in regulation for Singapore, or other global certification requirements that may impact your product in these markets, please contact Testing Partners at (862) 243-2677 or email

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