Taiwan Regulatory Update

Mar 1, 2022 | Taiwan

BSMI, Taiwan’s regulatory authority, announced on Feb 22, 2022, that standards CNS15936 (EMC) and CNS 15598-1 (Safety) are now being introduced for IT/AV devices.

New certification applications will be accepted till Jan 1, 2024.
Existing certificates can be used till current expiration date.
Extension of validity of certification: applications will be accepted before Dec. 31, 2023; starting Jan 1, 2024, new applications must follow new standard.

The timeline for new CNS standards:
RPC and Type Approval: 2024/01/01 enforced
DoC: 2025/01/01 enforced

Below is CNS standards vs Equivalent standards information:

New CNS standard Equivalent International standard Current CNS standard Equivalent International standard
CNS15936 CISPR32:2015 CNS13438
CNS15598-1 IEC62368-1:2018 CNS14336-1
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